Heli Timer is a flight duration timer that keeps track of your Engine start, Airborne, Landing and Engine stop times. Helitimer was build on the existing FlightTimer application in cooperation with Hawcs Helicopters Australia.


Auto Detection

Heli Timer uses GPS support and core iOS functions that allows all the times to be detected automatically, no need for any user input!  Just run the App in foreground or background, and when a valid GPS signal is available it will do all the work for you!

– Auto detection of Engine start, Airborne, Landing and Engine stop times.
– Hover detection
– Full Integration with LogTen Pro for iPhone / iPad
– GPS Support for MFI Bluetooth devices
– Automatic Sending of status message (by email/Dropbox/iCloud) when Engine started, Airborne, Landing or Engine stopes.
– All times can be inputed/changed manually as well.
– Highly configurable
– Dropbox/iCloud support to export times in a CSV file
– Option to load pre-configured data from Dropbox.


simulator-screen-shot-23-nov-2016-10-51-37 simulator-screen-shot-23-nov-2016-10-40-34 simulator-screen-shot-23-nov-2016-10-52-04 simulator-screen-shot-23-nov-2016-10-52-39 simulator-screen-shot-23-nov-2016-10-52-48

Example of automatic Dropbox upload (.csv file)