Privacy Policy believes your data is a precious commodity and it’s your right to have total transparency and control on how we use it. We have implemented strong data privacy and security safeguards to ensure that you’re protected to the best extent we can.

This policy outlines what we collect, how we use it and the safeguards we put in place to protect it.
Contact us if you have any concerns or wish to request access to the data we hold on you

This Privacy Policy is reviewed on a regular basis and was last reviewed in June 2020. We will post the most current version on our website. If a revision meaningfully reduces your rights, we will notify you.

Our Promises to you:

We’re committed to your data privacy and security. As such we give you these promises:

    • We will only collect data about you that is relevant and necessary
    • Your data will only be held on systems that exceed compliance standards, or will only be stored on your local device.
    • Your data will only be accessed by those who need it and we will minimise the amount of your data that’s processed wherever possible
    • We won’t share or sell your data to any third party. We would only share when we are required to do so by law or where we need to fulfil our service commitments to you through a third party that meets our own privacy standards
    • We will always remember that it is your personal data, not ours. As such we will ensure complete transparency and openness with you
    • We respect your rights as outlined below and will respond to all requests promptly

Your Rights:

    • You have the following rights over the data we hold about you:
    • Right to object to processing at any time
    • Right to opt out of marketing at any time
    • Right to have inaccurate data corrected
    • Right to erasure of personal data from our database

How do we collect data?

We collect information about you in one way only –

    • Passive – where you give us information on our website, email us, call us, meet one of us at events or meetings or approach us on social media


    • We do not use Cookies 🙂 

What do we collect?

We try and minimise the personal data held on you. Typically, this is restricted to:
Your personal contact details – email address, phone numbers, source of your data and legal reason for the holding of your information.

Your company details – as above but also address, website and other public held information including credit rating and invoicing details if relevant

Transmitted information – such as emails, texts, messaging, phone call information and recordings, voice mails, email, meeting notes and document tracking information*.

We make it policy not to connect any social media feeds or store any social media you may post to our systems with the exception of private messages.

Where is this data stored?

Personal and business data is stored on encrypted systems on-premise only. Transmitted information maybe stored at the hosting provider.  As such, some of the transmitted data could be stored in the EU. 

*Tracking information is stored upon user request in the SkyVario application to allow location tracking for 3rd party’s. It is imperative to know that transmitting of this data is per choice of the user. The data itself will be stored encrypted. 

We have a policy not to print out or otherwise physically write any personal data because we hate paper.

How do we use the data?

Your data is used for administrative purposes only. Except for the tracking data. This is the choice of the user the enable sharing of this data with others (3rd party’s) 

How do I change my data permissions?

You can contact us to request to opt out, view, export or delete your data.

If you request for your data to be deleted your name and email address will be added to an exceptions list and all other data removed.

Third Parties

We will never share or sell your personal data for marketing purposes with third parties.

We will only share information where agents, resellers or suppliers are involved in the delivery of your service. In such cases we will firstly try and anonymise the data or minimise it to the fullest extent possible.

Other Websites

Our website and other materials sent to you may contain links to other websites. We’re not responsible for the content or your data privacy on these sites.