Recently I’ve noticed that the SIGMET Data Download could cause the ETOPS app to unexpectedly stop.

This seems to be related to some errors in the SIGMET Data. I have found a workaround for this in the ETOPS app and will  release an update to the store anytime now.

in the mean time I have disable the SIGMET data download from the server side, so one could expect the following  error to show in the ETOPS App.


 “Error in downloading SIGMET”  


If your app keeps on quitting unexpectedly, please perform the following steps:

  • Disable the internet on your iPad (or disable 3G for only the ETOPS app)
  • Goto iPad Settings -> ETOPS
  • Flick the “Reset Application Data” switch to ‘On’ (This will only put the App to its default settings and clears caches and saved routes..)
  • Restart the App