ETOPS Unexpected stop – Update

Noticed an issue with the ETOPS app (both versions).

For some reason it’s stops loading and quits. I will look at the problem asap. Please check back for updates.

in order to help, please enable your device to send diagnostics reports to Apple and share with developers.

Goto your iPad ‘Settings’ – Privacy – Diagnostics and usage  and enable ‘Send automatically’ and enable ‘Share with developers’

This setting will allow reports to be send to Apple that could help me identify the problem.

=== Update ===

The issue seems to be related with the NAT Track message (downloaded automatically). I will address this issue as soon as possible and release an update to the App Store.

In the mean time, the following option might work.

  • Disable the internet on your iPad (or disable 3G for only the ETOPS app)
  • Goto iPad Settings -> ETOPS
  • Flick the “Reset Application Data” switch to ‘On’ (This will only put the App to its default settings and clears caches and saved routes..)
  • Restart the App (whilst being off-line!)

Most likely the app will quit again when going online. Whenever a new NAT Track message will come out, the problem might disappear by it self.