Excel Logbook

Logbook version 2.14 is released.

Please go to the download section to download it.

New features in 2.14:

– Changed layout of some windows to fit on smaller screened laptops. No functional changes.

New features in 2.13:

– Added option to import flight times (Flight Time Records) from Netline Crewlink
(airBaltic is the only one supported for now. If you would like to know more, please contact me)

– Created Dropdown list for easy Commanders selection when adding an item.
– Create fast edit functions on the actual logbook sheet self:

* Dubble click on any time cell (ie. Single Engine, PIC, IFR, Night etc) to insert the total time
(ie. Arrival – Departure time) Dubble click again to delete the time in that cell.

* Doubble click on the Pilot in Command name cell to get a dropdown list to select commanders from.
Dubble click again to remove the dropdown list (Cell context will not be removed)

(Please note the manual is somewhat outdated.. need to find time time review it.. if any questions, let me know)

New features in 2.12

– Added option to configure logbook for 12,13 or 18 lines (yes finally 😉 )
– Significant speed improvement speed when adding multiple logbook entry’s
– If User 1 field (Config sheet B68) is set to ‘Total Time’ You can generated.
(first time) total times for that column in the Config Section.
– Added option to search on PIC names
– Fixed some small bugs