ColdWX Airfield Data

To have your airfield added to the ColdWX App, please fill in this excel document with the required fields.
The document comes with one airport pre-filled as an example.

Send the document to:

Mandatory & required fields:

ICAO 4 Letter ICAO Designator of the airfield
MSA (Highest) MSA in ft
RWY THR_ELEV Applicable runway Threshold Elevation in ft
APPROACH_TYPE What type of Approach, ie NDB 14 / VOR 14 / ILS/LOC 14 / GNSS 14
DME_OFFSET Distance of the DME from the Threshold

  • Positive Value for DME’s in front of the Threshold
  • Negative Value for DME’s aft of the Threshold
GPA Glide Path Angle in degrees, i.e   3.05
GPS_OR_DME Enter the word “DME” for a DME based approach

Eneter the word “GPS” for a GPS (ie RNP/GNSS) Approach

DME_PLATFORM_START_DISTANCE Distance in nM from where the descent point starts, i.e. 12.4
DME_IDENT The Ident of the DME used.

If a the approach is GPS based, you may enter the FMS Runway point, i.e. “RW14”

DME_INVERTED Enter “FALSE” here unless  the DME Distance count’s UP, then enter “TRUE”